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Neuro Imaging Winter Park

CoverNeuro Imaging Winter Park is the private practice of Dr. Marc D. Shapiro, a preeminent neuroradiologist and diagnostic radiologist. The practice is located in Winter Park, Florida, and is the only practice in Central Florida to feature a state-of-the-art equipment such as the 32 Channel Open Bore MRI. World-class institutions such as Massachusetts General Hospital or Mayo Clinic Rochester visit regularly Neuro Imaging Winter Park to see the latest and most sophisticated technologies in the field of MRI optimized. Neuro Imaging Winter Park is an international show site for Siemens’ most advanced 3T MRI. Siemens’ 32 Channel 3 Tesla Verio is the most advanced MRI technology available using combined strength of the 3T and full 32 channels of MRI system, which allows the most accurate MRI diagnosis possible. The equipment is able to detect abnormalities that are missed on other scanners. The ultra-short length, wide bore design of the Verio provides all patients, including claustrophobia and obesity) with maximum comfort. One of the main services is MR arthrography, which is a technique of imaging the tendons and ligaments of joints (most commonly the shoulder, knee, and wrist) by injecting MR contrast fluid into the joint to be imaged. With MR arthrography, the diagnostic accuracy of an MRI is markedly improved. On site sedation is also available as well as filmless imaging. For more information about Neuro Imaging Winter Park, please visit http://www.nsiwinterpark.com/.

My Entry into The Leading Physicians of the World

LPW - smallHey Everyone! Check out my official entry into The Leading Physicians of the World:

Marc D. Shapiro, MD, Skilled Neuroradiologist, to Publish in Esteemed Leading Physicians of the World